One thing that has been bugging me about the Liberty is the fact the color temperature (yellow) of the headlight bulb didn't match the white LED running lights. Instead of replacing the bulb with a cooler temp halogen, I decided to try a "plug n play" LED bulb:

The install was fairly easily, with the only struggle being trying to get the plastic black lockring behind the bulb back into place. The ring around the base of the LED bulb housing is slightly larger than the stock bulb, so you have to use a bit of muscle, cursing and luck to get it locked in. Once in, you hope you don't have to deal with again for years since the bulb is rated for "30,000 hours". Not 100% sure that this means, but I have previously worked with LEDs which claimed "50,000 hours", which meant the amount of operational time where the light output would degrade by 20%.

I'm very happy that the color of the headlight now matches the color of the running lights - I'll have to wait for my next evening ride to see how the output/spread/pattern compares to the stock halogens.[/img]