There seems to be no information at all between the differences with 50cc 4t 3v iget euro 4 and euro 5 engines.

I tried my best to find 80cc kit for euro 5 but havent find any. Same problem with injetronic, only for euro 4 models.

Also contacted Malossi but theres no answer at all from them.

So now I am wondering how to get faster with this.

Especially I need acceleration and uphill speed. I already installed Malossi Multivar and gained some km/h but max. speed still only 53km/h (33mph) Gps but it drops a lot if theres some wind or uphill. Next week I will receive different vario weights so maybe they will help?

Yes I know there are bigger 125cc/150cc etc. Vespas for sale but there are reasons I will stay with 50cc.