Bob Copeland wrote:
There has been much discussion on this topic. In the rider safety course I took
years ago, the instructor told us to turn your hear and look where you want to
go in the curve/turn and you scoot will go there.
Muscle and positioning response can be amazing. Your body reacts in a much more complex and integrated way than you consciously perceive. We are discussing one example of this. Another is your ability to hit a target, even a moving target such as a metal disk tossed in the air, with a small caliber rifle without using the sights to "aim". Some of you may have gone through the training to do this. Virtually anyone is capable of it. How a pitcher "aims" a baseball is another example of this. These things are hard to understand but obviously happen.,special%20Daisy%20BB%20gun%20that%20had%20no%20sights.