Hey y'all in Texas,

My new Vespa riding acquaintance, Scott C--he's a new acquaintance and he also rides a new Vespa!-- has planned and practiced what appears to be a spectacular scenic ride from Russell's Bakery in Austin to breakfast at the Blue Bonnet Cafe (yummy pye* too) in Marble Falls.

We're leaving early to enjoy California-ish weather instead of roasting in peak Texaseptember heat. This ride will be amazing, so YOU should join us!

8am Meet at Russell's Bakery and Coffee, 3339 Hancock Dr, Austin
8:20am Depart Russell's
~ 2 hr ride to Blue Bonnet Cafe, 211 N. U.S. Hwy 281, Marble Falls
(possible ride extension to Ink Lake State Park)
~ 2 hr return ride to Austin

Oh? You want to know the route so you'll know what to expect on this adventure? Fine. See map below...

P.S. Properly spelled "pye" is changed to "cupcake" on Modern Vespa?!