I have a genuine Vespa windshield which I purchased for my '07 GTS available to whoever would like to put the effort into picking this thing up. As it is a factory part it should fit anything from the GT/GTS line up, any year, the shield was about $200 new in 08.

It has sat around my garage since '08 and is therefore dusty. It was stored safely on a shelf so there are very few scratches and the shield is complete and ready to mount. It measures about 12" tall from the center of the headlamp and about 18" wide.

I love the look of these things but I'm just the right height that the wind defected by this shield hits me square in the helmet resulting in an unacceptable level of wind noise. I'm 6'4" tall so obviously you don't want this thing if you're a beanpole.

I'm located in Burlington, Ontario about 50km west of Toronto.