Hi! I got an MP3 250 (2007) for commute, coming up to the 10k km mark and getting ready for winter. I'm taking my scoot to the local shop for all the maintenance, and I'm trying to make a list of everything that I want them to check that isn't on the mileage check list already, but I'm new to owning vehicles like this.

So, what's something obvious that a complete newbie like me would probably miss about winter prep? Oil and coolant are getting replaced with something suitable for freezing weather (it can get as low as -20C, but at that point I suspect I'll be carpooling with coworkers), but what about the other fluids? I'm also getting a battery tender, I've got new driving overalls and obviously new tyres, but is there something obvious about driving in the winter season that I should be prepared for?

Second, maybe I missed it in a thread, but does anyone know if the seat sensor error tone is continuous? The tilt lock if it behaves itself during a drive, but when I lock it at a stop, both the red warning light and the yellow indicator light up solid, and there's a constant tone, no beeping or honking. For context, I'd had the "red light lights up and after taking off, revs limited to 2000rpm, steady slow beeping" problem before, which turned out to be an issue with one of the sensor cables having gotten jangled, so it would error out every time I hit even the slightest bump. Fluid levels are fine, and the front locks correctly and doesn't slip even with vigorous shaking, but it can only be unlocked with the doubletap. It doesn't interfere with my commute, I'm pretty adept at manoeuvring the scoot without the front locked, but I'd like to give the shop an opportunity to fix it.

A few weeks back I got caught in a really bad rainstorm and my scoot died on the way home. The culprit turned out to be the air filter, which has since been switched out, but we did sit out in the rain for quite a bit waiting for a tow truck so I wouldn't be surprised if there's a bunch of shit gone wrong with the electronics.