Hello MP3 Forum
For a 2016 Mp3 500ie Sport (NAFTA version) Which circuit can I safely splice into to provide power to a 12V socket that is linked to the ignition? Where can I find this wire or the easiest way to access it?

I have the MP3 wiring Diagram (thank you forum posts ) but lack the knowledge on which wire to work with and how best to access it under all the plastic.


I'm going to splice in a 12V socket hidden inside the glove box to provide accessory power and this is the most flexible solution vs a dedicated USB port. I've already figured out and where I want to mount it, the only question is which wire to tap for power.

Headlights? Horn? Existing USB plug wiring? I could drag a wire from the battery under the seat up to the front but then how would I link that with the ignition switch?


I will post pictures of the finished project with step-by-step instructions should anyone else wish to install a socket.