I bought my 2007 MP3 with milky oil, so I knew what I was letting myself into.
As there was no leak from the bleed/overflow nipple (?) on the stator cover I figured a blown head gasket was the culprit. So, I dropped the engine and stripped off the head. To my dismay there was no visible signs of water/coolant egress . So, with the engine already out I stripped the water pump. There I found the cause, the bearings were almost seized with rust. I re-installed the head – not forgetting to replace the head gasket, the valve cover gasket, the (5) valve cover screw gaskets, the auto decompression slider/ gasket and the four cylinder stud 'o' rings – then turned my attention to the water pump. I took a chance on buying a water pump repair kit and after reading a thread on the forum took my chances on installing the ceramic oil seal using the pvc pipe method. Just like the author of the post, I destroyed the oil seal on my first attempt. Unlike the author I took a step back to weigh up my options:
1. New Water Pump - $139.00
2. Used Water Pump - $89.00
4. Oil Seal Water Pump Installation Tool - $180
3. Replacement Ceramic Oil Seal $16
After calling my local dealer, I was quoted $250 to install the water pump in the casing. I think I must have been the only person ever to ask how much just to install the oil seal in a case. They had no comprehension of someone just taking the case into the service shop and installing the oil seal.
Then ….. I was researching prices when I noticed tucked away on Scooter West website and offer to re-build water pump for $40, why isn't this on their YouTube channel? . How I wish I had know this before I started.. I'm guessing it's just the labor charge and postage (there and back) along with parts is extra – but this is epic.
Replacement Ceramic Oil Seal $16
Postage $20
Labor $40
Total $76 - That has to be the most cost effective option.
I'm going to call on Monday to book my appointment.
I had forgotten to order a replacement oil sump gasket with the cylinder head consumables, I also found a few other worn items in the engine –So, I may get a deal on the return postage bundling the extra service items.
So, these are my three tips for today, If you have milky oil – Consider the water pump first, secondly don't forget to clear the oil sump and pump of gunk before re-filling with dollar -store oil and eBay filter. Then flush it all out and add the good stuff. And don't forget you can have your water pump rebuilt at scooterwest.

Gunk in the Sump

Soup in the engine

Engine out Picture