I've finally reached the point that I just don't want to deal with the maintenance anymore on my MP3, so it's time to let it move on to a better home.

I'm asking $1800, but I'm willing to negotiate.

2009 MP3 500.
Just over 53,000 miles.
Clear title.
Pretty new tires, fronts only have about 200 miles and rear about 2,000.
Reupholstered seat
Upgraded shocks
Custom paint job
Wired for heated gear
Installed volt meter
LED Headlight, HID high beam
Madstad windshield
Leo Vince exhaust
There's probably more that I've forgotten over the last decade plus, as well...

I did snap the parking brake cable at some point, so I removed that caliper, though I will include it with the bike.

The last time I had the bike out, the rear brake locked up, though it did release after cooling down for a couple minutes. I would recommend having all the fluids flushed and replaced.

I also have a parts bike that I'm selling. It has a 3rd party title. I've taken quite a number of parts off of it to use on my primary bike.
The panels are in very good condition. In fact, they're probably in better condition than the ones on my primary bike. It'd make a good winter project for someone to swap them over...
And yes, the panels that are removed in the pic are included. I just didn't have them put on for the pics

I also have various other parts and pieces and tools, too, if you are interested in those as well


Parts bike - right side

Parts bike - front

Parts bike - left side

Primary bike - left side

Primary bike - right side

Primary bike - front