Hey guys! I'm parting ways with my beloved Genuine Stella (scooter already sold) and I am selling my prized exhaust from it. It's a two owner (as far as I know) prima lefty.

I also have it listed on Ebay but I'll sell it here with a forum discount whatever the ebay price is I'll always do $20.00 cheaper here but you can always feel free to shoot me an offer too (Note: the ebay listing will auto relist at a cheaper price every 10 days, so the price will go down there and here)

The ebay listing is here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/255243423024

Here's my full description:

Prima Exhaust (Performance, Lefty); P125, PX150, Stella 2T / Scooter Part.

As far as I know I am the 2nd owner. The pictures of it on the outdoor table are from the original owner. As you can see I upgraded the hardware to all stainless, and I replaced the bolt that secures it to the engine with a socket cap screw! With the smaller head and shorter length, this makes it so that you can remove and install the exhaust without removing the rear wheel. (why didn't the factory think of that?). The previous owner had removed the rivets securing the end cap onto the exhaust in order to repack it but never put new ones in. The end cap is most definitely not going anywhere and I was unsuccessful removing it with a fair amount of force. If you insist I can re-rivet the end cap before sending it off but it will take a few extra days for me to get the rivets on order and do so.

The previous owner was missing one spring and I upgraded to all stainless steel springs! I threw the rusty old original ones in the trash. One of the springs is difficult to install because of the length, and you will most definitely need a tool called a spring puller to do so.

There are a few scrapes that I pointed out in the pictures but they're not really visible with the pipe on the bike.

Please find and read the instructions on installing this before purchase. On some bikes you need to drill a tiny hole in the cylinder fin for the spring to mount. Some bikes and/or aftermarket cylinder kits already have this hole.

This pipe seemed to add a good bit of torque and midrange to the bike and made it a lot more enjoyable to ride in stop and go. The top speed was relatively unchanged, if only a tiny bit faster.

You will have to upjet with this pipe or you may run into reliability issues. Please plan on buying a larger main jet and possibly other jets as well. In my case I replaced the main jet and it ran very good but you should buy a small assortment and see what works best for you.

Thanks for looking!


Exhaust Picture

mount picture