Hello friends, I want to show you my next project for the restoration of a Vespa GTS 300.
A friend of mine bought it from France. The scooter had a lot of external remarks. And to restore its previous appearance, I decided to completely disassemble it and give it for painting. Usually I paint the Vespas in my garage, but given the fact that the weather cools down I decided to let the scooter be painted in a paint chamber.
Before that I changed the oil, put new rear pads, because the old ones were completely erased. The rear fender was barely holding. I opened the variator to check the belt and pulleys. They were fine and did not need a change. I put in a new air filter.
It is time to mention that the front shock absorber had leaked and was not working properly. I filmed the process of working on his replacement.
The side step was broken and I repaired it.
The mirror stand was broken in the rear brake console. You will see in the video how I change it.
I am also releasing a video on the disassembly and assembly of the Vespa 300 gts.
I hope you find it interesting!