My Maxi-Scooter Riding Group is doing an Overnight Pick-Up ride
to Pipestone Minnesota (Extreme SW of the State near South Dakota)
and staying at the Haunted Hotel on the first day of Summer 6/21/22.

The +100 year old Hotel is on the Historical Registry. I discovered the
source of the Haunting at the hotel. During a fire in room 308, the occupant
Charlie died. He was a land surveyor staying at the hotel. So, Charlie
the Surveyor is routinely seen spooking around the halls, showing up in
mirrors, slamming doors at night. The current owner of the hotel sees him
so much, she just considers him an old friend.

If you want to be a Ghost Buster, join us. Details at the Website, "Minn-Max

Who you gonna call?

Bob Copeland
Minn-Max Ride Coordinator
Historic Haunted Calumet Inn
Hotel is on the Historic Register.
Remodeled period correct rooms.
The resident Ghost may be encountered in the hall and stairway.