Hi guys, its been 400km, and i would like to share with you my feedback:
1) Excellent stability in windy conditions: i went on highway known to be windy. The bike doesnt move, and feels safe
2) piaggio's tall windscreen is just amazing. It blocks everything, including ur hands. And it doesnt wobble at high speeds/wind. Its worth the extra money, its very well supported
3) at 5500 rpm (90-100km) the bike is a single cylindre, at 6000 rpm it becomes 8 cylindres (ridiculous consumption)
4) at steep hills, with a passenger, the bike flows and accelerates .. effortless!
5) at curvy roads is where you enjoy it most. Use the dealer's parking to get used to it: its need a bit more power to counter-steer, and u have to do it a split of second earlier than on a normal bike.
6) at low speeds, parking manouvres, the bike is quite heavy especially if u have a passenger. Dont feel shy to put ur legs out and balance it while steering, it helps.
7) the bike is quite smooth and less noisy thanks to the euro5, it still sounds like a sewing machine but much smoother with a certain exhaust whistle.. i like it.
Also the wet rear hub has no kicking sound at all.
8) if u ride with a passenger, get them a topcase to lay his/her back, eventhough the seat space is generous, the handle grip are way low, making long trips uncomfortable.
9) on the kickstand, its pretty heavy to swing it to put it down while seated (just like any scooter). U'll have to put down standing on the side. DONT forget to put the Roll-lock ON or else it would land randomly and u would be surprised by the weight. Its better not to use the kickstand at all in my opinion..
10) key/ignition is hidden, i struggle for 30 sec. in our dark parking to find the spot.
11) it has a wobble on 75km/h i guess the wheels need balancing (the dealer will fix it)
12) generally speaking: the bike is excellent, powerful, smooth, riding position is super comfortable (im 180cm), loads of storage.. and most importantly it feels super safe in rainy weather/winds.