Manual specifies air filter is to be "replaced" at 6,200 miles (10Km)

Owner's manual also states this is a "dealer servicing" item....I'm never mistaken for a mechanic - but if you are comfortable removing the under-seat bucket - you can probably replace the filter yourself.

Read through first - see if you're comfortable doing this before removing anything.
Lot of plastic here . Don't overtighten the fasteners.
If in doubt - take it to your dealer for the 6,200 mile service.....(which includes a new drive belt, valves checked, oil and filter, several lube places)

1) Remove the under-seat bucket.
2) Remove the phillips screws and the 2 "hidden" thumb screws which secure the lid of the air filter box.
3) Leave the airhose on - lift the airbox lid far enough to remove all the screws on the air filter.
4) Replace with new filter,
5) Recover the box, fasten phillips screws and the two thumb screws.
6) Replace under-seat bucket.

locate and remove phillips screws on the cover of the air fliter...filter itself lives under the "i-get" label
remove under-seat bucket in order to locate the last two fasteners holding down the front of the air filter cover,. These 2 fasteners are thumb screws with a plastic star head.
the two airbox cover thumb screws are here
one of the two thumb screws....
I was in the scooter at 4000 miles - so took the opportunity to replace the filter, early