I just picked up a new, unused FACO Beverly windscreen for my 2020 Piaggio BV350 from @Nautiker.
I'm 6'2", and this screen is 20.5" above the headlight and 4" above my head, while the oem screen is only 10.5" and threw wind directly into my face.
Instillation was slightly more complex than other screens and some of the hardware is plastic, so I'll see how well it holds up. Also, the bottom of the screen will flex at 60 mph and damage the paint around the headlight without some sort of trim there. Otherwise, I was completely isolated from any wind or wind noise, but I was looking straight through the screen, which may not be very wise.
I've photo'd a few tools you'd need for installation & I'm sure YouTube has videos by now.
It does look ridiculously tall, so if you're vane, I'd go without a screen completely, but it works very, very well for wind protection.