Slowly I've been getting a 2004 ET2 back on the road. I recently purchased it where it was sitting for a while after a failed burglary and funny thing I found the thread the previous owner had created, [topic140645.] I was able to fix the ignition/key lock situation and among other things, replaced all the switches (horn, turn signals, headlight switch, starter button and kill switch).

Here comes the mystery. The kill switch isn't working properly. It's interesting, the kill switch needs to be ON for the scooter to be started, but it won't shut off the engine when turned OFF. Luckily I can still turn the key off so this isn't a terribly big issue.

I have a Piaggio Haynes Manual and looking at the wiring diagram, I'm a little confused and feel stupid because I can't find the kill switch on the diagram, can someone point it out?

Also if anyone has any general idea of what's happening. My thought is the kill switch would ground the coil or something and so maybe there could be a wire that's not connected properly, but I'm not sure which wire!