For sale: 1963 Vespa 90 smallframe. First edition, small door small frame. This is a project, that I originally acquired as a spare parts scooter. I've decided to go another direction with my builds, so I'm putting this back out there.

Since I got the project I've gone thru and replaced any broken/rusted/frozen parts with good usable pieces. For example: the fork was completley locked up top to bottom, so I swapped it for a complete working fork. Same with the headset, the original was frozen & cracked, so I swapped it for a good one. I've also pulled together as many missing parts as I can, to make this as complete as possible. Includes a pair of new wheels, 1 new Heidenau K50 tire, new Mauro Pascolli hatch door, new license plate mount.

Engine spins freely, top end and bottom.

Legshield & Floors need some work: as in they need welding/patching or replacement. If I was keeping it, Id bang it out; patch the pieces that need it - and save that awesome red patina as much as possible.

ALSO INCLUDED, but not shown: an extra complete engine in good turning condition. Plus, an extra engine case half (the swing arm side), 2 extra flywheels, and 1 extra stator.

More photos to come

Asking $1400 for the whole package. OBO.

I'm happy to help arrange delivery along the West coast. Otherwise I recommend Denver James.

Thanks for looking!