chandlerman wrote:
I have a bit of a dilemma...I measured the port timings on this thing and they you say..."Abysmal?"

Measurements of a zero deck height for the piston give me 40.9mm exhaust height, 50.4 transfer height, which in turn translates to 92 TD/143 ED/26 BD.

Both the exhaust and transfers need to come waaay up. Or I need to just slap another top end on it, neither of which are in keeping with the spirit of the build.

So I guess I'll button it up and see how it does like that but I'm still not happy about it.

The one good thing is that it'll have a nice tight 1mm squish, but those timings...*shudder*...
think of it this way: you have a runner with room for improvement down the line. you give that junkie just a little fix at a time. here's pipe. here's a carb. here's a top end, here's another pipe, here's another carb. you just keep that train going.

I told the war department with the Naranja Esp├ęcial, you gotta ride it and then when you get bored with it you get the zoom-zooms.

I'd take the same approach here. besides a gasket match here and there knock it together and roll.