So I purchased this bike from the family trust of the original So. Cal owner 3 years ago. It's a fabulous, unmolested excluding a respray from original white to black and was thrilled to get this rare important Vespa. At the time my high up sources told me restored it was $12-17K in value done right and would be the centerpiece of my collection.

My shop (that I've sold 2 years ago) stripped it and sent the body and parts to my body shop to redo it white. They started doing some white samples and all, then in Jan 2021 I was diagnosed with cancer. The bike sat there ever since because it was not a priority. Since I have sold my shop, sold my collection except for two scooters and am retired and recovering I chose to pick up the body yesterday and bring it home. I'm prepared to sell it as it was (bike in a box with known good cranking engine and all parts) and do the project yourself.

I'm entertaining offers of $3000 or higher and it needs to be picked up at my home. I have a free and clear correct title in my name on non-operation, I'm very good at paperwork as I'd done thousands of deals in my career. This bike is a silver tuna and incredible investment if you're ready to get your hands dirty and actually know how to.

Be well and ride safe.