Hello friends, I did some experiments with the Pollini Maxi High Speed ​​9-Rollers Variator.
Initially, the Polini Maxi High-Speed ​​variator comes with 9 rollers X 9.2g, these weights are intended for Vespa Gran Turismo and Vespa GTS 250.
After installing the Pollini variator and the blue clutch spring I noticed that the engine revs increased significantly. The start was good as was the top speed.
I also did a race with my Vespa GTS 300 HPE Racing sixties with two other similar Vespa GTS 300 with a Yamaha Tmax 500 and a Honda SH 300. I will give links from the videos.
Vespa hpe 300 vs Yamaha T max 500 and Honda sh 300
However, I decided to make the most of the Pollini Maxi High-Speed ​​Variator and decided to put Dr. Pulley type sliders in it the same size as the Pollini pulleys.
Vespa hpe 300 Polini variator vs Vespa hpe 300
I also took Polini rolls with a weight of 10.1 g. After a lot of reading, I found that they are most recommended for this type of Pollini variator fitted to the Vespa GTS 300.
I liked the result, the revs are a little lower and the engine is unloaded.
I give a link to the video with the experiments
Polini Maxi Hi-speed 9 rollers variator for Vespa GTS 300
Polini Maxi Hi-speed 9 rollers variator for Vespa GTS 300