This passed Sunday there was another local ride. So local in fact that it started and ended eight miles from my house. It was the infamous Suicide Prevention Ride. I call it infamous because the last two times I did it there were moments when I felt the ride had gone awry. I even labeled the first time "Unsatisfactory".

Not this time. I learned over the last two times that horsepower was required as certain V-Twins would push the pace to the strain levels of my 250cc motorcycle and scooter. This time I went armed with 750cc Kawasaki power and maintaining pace with the big bikes was a snap.

The ride itself was orderly and fairly brisk and didn't even test my thirty-nine year old bike. What was the best part for me was watching a pair of Groms running along with the big dogs. One of the Groms wasn't even a Honda but a Chinese copy. Yet here they were in the clump in front of mine. Just in front of me, and following the Groms, were a trio of Indian motorcycles. When the going got a little extra twisty the Groms moved away from the much larger Indians which only closed ground on the straight roads. From the time I saw them until the end of the ride the Groms held their position and didn't hold anyone up. It was hysterical.

We got back to the start in about and hour and a half and I was carrying a big smile. First from having zero issues maintaining pace with much larger motorcycles and, second, from having a front row seat watching the 125cc Groms humbling larger bikes. It was a great day.