I'm selling these for a client. they've been at my shop for farrrrr too long and I'd like to sell them as a pair.

one is red, and a little banged up. nothing awful or smashed. would make a great city bike or just a kick around cruiser. problem is, it's got a blown crank shaft. but, it's got a title and it's on non op, so no fees.

the other is black. it's clean and presentable. it was acquired via auction and has a salvage title due to theft recovery. it starts and runs and rides. it has powder coated black wheels and a Leo Vince pipe. while it has paperwork, it has massive back fees.

basically, this is a two to make one. yank the motor from the black one, throw it into the red one and have a rider on the cheap. part out the good stuff and tasty bits from the black one to recoup most of your initial cash outlay.

looking to get $1300 for the pair

if you need help mechanically with the swap I'm happy to help