Central/Eastern (Harford area), Connecticut - $3000 for 2018 Vespa GTS300 with 2,600 miles - SOLD IN AS IS, NON-RUNNING CONDITION

August 2022 - READ THIS: 2nd owner - purchased pre-owned in March 2021 from 1st owner. Odometer mileage at purchase: 3 miles (not a misprint - 1st owner drove it once and then parked it in his shed for 3 years). I'm selling the scooter AS IS inexpensively for $3000 cash because it needs some engine work (possibly piston rings and/or new gaskets). Comes with a rear rack, OEM Vespa fly screen, and OEM Vespa high windshield as in photos. It was running well until it developed a slight coolant leak, which was traced to the head gasket. I attempted to replace the head gasket myself, but I was unsuccessful (I'm just not experienced enough). The scooter has not been running since April 2022, when I started the process of replacing the gasket. It is currently in non-running condition. Engine oil and coolant are brand-new and unused, so could be drained and reused.

If you wrench, you can do the repairs yourself, or a qualified Vespa mechanic can likely do the work in 8-10 hours (at $150 per hour, that's $1200 to $1500); parts will likely cost less than $200. Engine oil and coolant are brand-new and unused, so could be drained and reused. I'm not an expert, but I'd estimate around $1500 to $2000 for service/repairs, from a Vespa dealer.

There are a few cosmetic issues due to an early, non-riding, stationary drop in my driveway. Some of the paint/trim on the left side was touched up and the center stand is bent (but still functioning).

You can read all about the vehicle and my time with it by reading the posts that were started by me on the Modern Vespa Forum.

Again, this is being sold AS IS due it's present, non-running condition.

Terms: Sold for $3000 cash only in current AS IS condition. I will need a Connecticut Bill of Sale signed and dated upon pickup. It can be shipped if you arrange shipping, but I need a signed Connecticut Bill of Sale at the time of pickup and will accept $3000 cash only at the time of pick-up.

Photos below are from last August 2021, and NOT reflective of current condition. PM me through MV if interested.