Had a great ride today with a bunch of Waikato Vespa people (and a couple of ring in bikes). Started with brunch at Hayes Common, a local café that's very popular, before an urban based ride that took in a little more open stuff. Total of 8 scooters from my 1968 150 Super through to an HPE GTS300 and also a modern Honda Monkey bike and a Scomadi enjoyed the glorious sunshine and pitched in when the rear tyre on Bella failed me - the first flat I have had on a scooter. One couple had to leave early to pick up their son but the rest of us had a drink at The Keg Room before we made our respective ways home. Kim got 100m down the road and his plug fouled. Being prepared he soon had it changed and was on his way again.

Bella and Mia pre ride.

Post brunch pre ride. Everyone was getting ready.

Stopped by a local golf course while I reviewed the route.

Changing the rear tyre because all the air went to the top of the other one.

Plugs before and after change.