A rather short second expedition into the Piaggio BV line winds up here.

Purchased from Fledermaus just a few hundred miles ago, partly on a whim to replace my MP3 500 on my commute, partly to maybe sell to a guy at work. Said guy at work, well, the test ride didn't go well, at least to the extent he didn't want it. Something about it not turning.

Anyway, posting here first. Low miles (~7500 currently), good tires (2016 and 2018 dates, probably 80% of tread life left), runs well at 70+ MPH. I rode it a few days on my daily ~130 miles commute. I just prefer my MP3 500 as it's more comfortable to me.

I can deliver within reason (and, to some, I can be unreasonable ). Seriously if the weather is decent I could easily see Chicago, even Minneapolis. Toronto would be a stretch, but if return airfare is cheap....