8Seeking a new owner for my beloved 300 Super. I want a new one!
This one has had a rough life but runs great and looks 'Super' from 20'....
It was stolen and recovered and restored to the extent possible. The biggest issue is the 'leg shield' (I think that is what the thing is called where the glove box lives) and the way it fits. The thieves broke most of the mounting points and it was a challenge to get it back together. Also, probably because of that fit, the glove box will no longer open with the ignition 'switch.' It can be accessed by removing the left most access panel and reaching down inside. Others have added a zip tie 'cable' extended out the grill to open it but I didn't like the looks. It doesn't hold much anyway.

Looks and runs great

18,700 plus miles, new belt, rollers at 10K.