This Spidi jacket is very water-resistant and windproof. Warm by itself, it also comes with an insulated vest that can be snapped in place.
Four zippered pockets outside, and one inside the jacket.
Sleeves have zips, and there are also hip zips to customize the fit for curvy people.
Fully armoured (back, shoulders, elbows)
A very good looking jacket that is comfortable and warm.

I'm 5'8" and a size 12, this fits me well except for being a bit tight at the neck. (Rarely do the neck up fully.)
It's sized extra large.
These jackets are 300-500 new. You will love wearing it.

front view - zips and snaps, with a buckle belt

cuff zips

hip zippers to customize fit if needed

back view

fully armoured - back pad, shoulders, elbows

the removable insulated vest