Friend has a 2007 fuoco the exhaust pipe broke so dealer ordered a brand new pipe (very expensive £143 +) now dealer has been hamfisted and stripped the lambda in the old pipe. I'm 120mls away so i can't help other than trying to find a less expensive lamba. O/E part number was 639086 which was fitted on the beverly model and some apriila models, pt no is now 6390866 ,fowlers in bristol want just over £130 for a new one . I can find a used beverly one on ebay uk for £15, a used one from italy says for a fuoco £28 (v/good feedback) or a new one from italy £60 ( v/bad feedback) Is there any other alternative ? I'm in the UK.

Addition . It would seem that the old pt no is fitted to mp3 125/300/400. x7 evo125/300 . x10 evo125/500. x8 400. gts125/300. and is available aftermarket but i have not been able to find who makes them possibly bosch? magnetti m ? can't find a aftermarket pt no,

Addition . Bosch pt no. F00HL00193 = piaggio pt no. 639086