Hi everyone,

Ever since I purchased my new MP3 in the fall of 2021, I have wanted to take advantage of the USB connection within the glove box as a power source for my Garmin. The fly in the ointment was figuring a way to secure it. Searching on the net did not really provide any viable solutions as I did not want to attach it to the side mirror nor did I want to fasten it via a bolt which would require drilling. It finally occurred to me that velcro might be the ticket to solving the problem. The following is a breakdown of the installation:

Clean all surfaces, Garmin and glove box, with a pre packaged lens cleaner towel.

Open the glove box and center the Garmin between the open lid and the glove box floor. (I have the Garmin nuvi 2589 LMT which fit nicely)

Use blue painters tape to mark the outside limits of the Garmin on the interior lid and the glove box floor.

Remove Garmin and install velcro strips using the blue tape as a guide.

Install velcro strips on Garmin making sure that the it is fastened securely to the top and bottom edges. These are the areas where the velcro will make contact with the corresponding velcro within the glove box so follow the directions and let the adhesive set up for the prescribed amount of time.

Connect Garmin to USB port and then line up the velcro strips and install. I found that it is easier to secure the base first and then secure the top of the unit making sure to lift the lid of the glove box so it is tight against the windscreen which in turn helps to keep the Garmin nice and tight.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. I have taken several long rides on bumpy as well as curvy roads and the Garmin never moved. This central location is a major plus as it affords easy viewing without sacrificing safety.