As I think I've mentioned here before, I'm planning on touring Vietnam this winter, and want to make sure I have suitable gear. I popped into Dainese this afternoon hoping to try some of their removable sleeve jackets. Sadly they don't carry them in stores, but it gave me a change to try the Tourmodular helmet.

There are three big questions I'd had that I wanted to answer/confirm in person. Since they aren't already easy-to-answer on the internet, I thought I'd write them down for others' benefit, and this is the moto forum I spend the most time on.


This is the whole reason I've been curious about the Tourmodular, even though the disappointing quality of my AGV K3 SV is why I'm even in the market for a replacement.

ECE 22.06 is the new global standard for helmet safety. It adds protection against rotational injuries like concussions (think MIPS). I'd very much like my next helmet to qualify.

Unfortunately, I haven't seen any 22.06 helmets imported to the US. Shoei, Arai, and Schuberth all sell DOT-only variations of their 22.06 lids here, which made me wonder if the standards are incompatible.

I checked the tags on the Tourmodular. It's dual-homologated for both 22.06 and DOT.

Hopefully this means we'll see other 22.06 helmets for sale in the US sometime soon.

Cardo + USB

One of the other perks of the Tourmodular is the integrated Cardo comms system. It was announced the same season as the second-generation Packtalk series, which includes USB-C charging and a newer mesh protocol.

The flimsy gasket on the Packtalk Slim is its achilles heel. Every time I've killed one, it's been because the gasket doesn't keep water out in a rainstorm. Thus, I was very curious to see the charging situation on the AGV Insyde (their brand of Cardo).

The good news is that the gasket looks much more secure. It was a bit hard to remove from the charging port, which means it should keep a good seal when closed. It's also on the bottom face of the helmet, so hopefully it's more protected from the rain.

The bad news is that, like an old Android phone, it's a Micro-USB port. This means you'll have to carry around one more cable to keep it charged on tour. It also means it's likely based on the older Packtalk Slim (and hence missing the new DMC 2 protocol).

Strap fastener

I hook the my helmet to my Vespa by the D-rings regularly; thus, they're a prerequisite for me. Unfortunately, the Tourmodular uses a microratchet buckle. In fact, the male end is an unrefined piece of metal. The salesman said the last guy to try one on cut himself on it.


Finally, the build quality didn't impress me. The helmet made an audible crack when I put it on, and it was quite heavy. The salesman also pointed out that the visor latch was already broken. (Shitty visor design is my other gripe with my existing AGV.)

I wear a ML; the Tourmodular's closest size was an M. I felt immediate pressure on the ridge between my temple and jaw. It was quite uncomfortable, but considering the other flaws, I didn't bother asking for a bigger size.

I won't be buying one of these helmets. Hopefully this helps others who are deciding which helmet to buy next.