Hi all I hope everyone is feeling festive

I was not feeling festive the last few days. Went to start my bike the other day and had zero power. Manage to get a jump to get home and put the battery on charge.

Hooked everything back up and got the long beep. Checked the fuses and the 20amp had blown. Must have been from the jump.

Fired the bike up went for a spin. Stopped and when I switched back on I noticed that everything had reverted back to European

Got home and charged again. Check the charge and the battery is good ( bought a spare in case )

Well did a little searching on our fantastic forum and everything was pointing to the hidden fuse. After the awkwardness of getting to it it was blown.

Replaced and hopefully this was as simple as that.

I wanted to post on here as a thanks to the people that other advise and give directions. I would have never thought of that.