Just doing a post to thank all the good folks at Modern Vespa who have supported North America's ONLY scooter-centric magazine. Issue #25 just went out in the mail this week with articles by scooterists from the Pacific Northwest to the Texas gulf coast.

We have an article about a custom scooter business, a new scooter shop in Tacoma and a club in Portland, OR.

Sean Lynch does a deep dive into the history of The Vespa GT/GTS series of bike including a buyers guide.

We even have a story about riding in the Cross Egypt Challange. The Birthday issue has great cover art and includes a handy 2023 Scooter Rally/Events Calendar.

You can learn more or subscribe at www.thescooterzine.com
Print subscriptions are $25/year and the digital version is just $20. The 'Zine is published 6 times/year.

Thanks again MV!

Howard Rains
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