Simple servicing the Liberty is not a challenge most days.

This morning I set a personal record for screwing up a simple oil & filter change. (serv manual says 10,000Km between oil & filter changes. (6.2K miles) I do yearly, or every 2000 miles, which ever comes first)

Oil spilled 3 X~!
Forgetting the screen, X 1.
Losing the 0-ring, X 1.

and none involved the refilling process into the micro-fill hole - which is usually the most entertaining part!

Not a lot of room under there...
Channel locks works the filter.
A shorty 24mm socket does the drain plug.

Looking forward to a dawn ride tomorrow. 47°F, 90% rain and 20mph headwinds. But it's the best chance for decent temps I've had in 2 weeks.
Should be exciting with tree debris from the storm.