Started to reply to the old thread, but forum manners want a 'new thread'.

just wanted to say, that my experience with the Tulsa, Oklahoma Vespa dealer is a bit lacking.

I am in Dawsonville, Georgia visiting with my son for a few weeks.

Found a dealer in Marietta, GA
Vespa Marietta
Marietta, Georgia
793 Roswell St NE,
Marietta, GA 30060
Phone: (770) 420-8787

and got a great response to my needs.
Not only do they know what an MP3 is,
they typically stock the Voltage Regulator for my 2009 250cc MP3

grrr, they sold the last one a few days ago, next order goes in on Tuesday, their next "Business Day" for office help & orders....

They expect the part to arrive in 10 days !! wow...
back in OkieLand, they have no clue IF, or when a part might arrive.

new to the forum, but have followed comments since I acquired my MP3 about 4 years ago.....

these things must not get much use, my only has 3,350 miles on the Odometer.