Hi everyone. So my problem started first with the headlight flickering on and off and then just not working. So I pulled the top to look at the connections and made sure all was in place. Gave them a clean with some electric cleaning spray. Put back and worked. Didn't look as bright but worked. Have standard 12v lamp. Went for a ride came back hit the horn and it was sounding like a dying goose. At the same time the light flickered really low and then no headlight at all. The horn sounds dead. Could the issue be that I might of pulled something out when putting the top case back on. Not sure. Why would the horn start failing. My singal lights and brake light work fine. So not sure if it's the battery. Could my stater coil be bad for the headlight issue ? Also anywhere I can find a diagram or pick of what's under the headlight cover to compare with mine.

Thanks in advance.