Got sick of the crap highbeam so added extra lights.

Cheap little lights from AliExpress work VERY well. 2 x 12W. Standard highbeam is 24W. (both of these values are measured). note: these little lights get pretty warm pretty quickly so they have a metal body with small fins to help

Wired them to the existing high beam with a switch. Simply made a y-split with connectors so it would plug in between the headlight and the wiring hardness. Intend to someday replace the switch one that will allow the fog(yellow) or the highbeam(white) and also to source from either the existing highbeam or from the otherside of the lights relay allowing various states such as continuous fog or fog on highbeam etc. The wire you can see in the photo that shows the mounting is *not* the wire for the light - it is for the headed grips.

video of Standard Low, Standard High, Standard High + Extra Lights: Although the extra lights are slightly clipping against the bottom of the windshield it is only a very small amount. The light pattern projected (each) is a horizontal strip with a small bit above/below - look at the pic below which shows the shape and white + yellow (not so obvious in the video).