Reduced to $4,250.00

For sale my Piaggio MP3 400 cc Scooter. This is considered a reverse trike since it has 2 wheels on the front and 1 in the back. This is similar to the MP3 250 cc just with a bigger engine.

The advantages of such configuration are many. You still lean like on a regular motorcycle but you have double the stability and double the brake power. If you hit a big pothole with one of the front tires you have the other one to keep you stable. Another advantage of this scooter is the vertical locking mechanism so it stays upright and can still be moved so ideal for parking and moving into a garage.

Scooter is in excellent condition. Always kept inside the garage and has only 5,754 miles. Very little scratches if any except for one located by the handlebar for passenger as can be seen on one of the pictures.

I will include the Tucano Urbano Thermoscud that protects from cold and rain. It's like a weather proof apron that can be tied down when not in use and has air filled chambers that you inflate when in use. These are normally not sold in the USA. I bought this came from Italy.

The scooter needs nothing except for new front break pads which I already purchased and only need to install. A rear tire will be needed soon but still pretty good for at least one season. Tire is about $100 plus installation.

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