Hi firstly hello to everyone I've just joined couldn't see an introduction link...

Anyway my dilemma is I bought an engine a few years back in bits which I really now need to build it's complete with everything but a crank as it was the crank that gave up last time it was running.

It has the mrb bolt on reed valve manifold with I believe to be an rd350 reed valve.. So my question is what crank do I need to run with this ?
I'm sure from memory it was running a fairly standard looking crank which was included in sale although damaged.
But I've been reading I need a reed valve crank ideally a mushroom one?

Also one other question it was running a polini 210 which looks very tired so I want to renew, the transfers were matched so would it make sense to buy another polini 210 kit so it matches the already done work ?

Hope this makes sense
Thanks in advance
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