If you live in the immediate Twin Cities (Minnesota) area you can log into our Website (Minn-Max Meetup.com) and request to join (No Dues or Obligations). That way you will get email notices of all our future rides.

The group has been around for the last 21 years. We are a "ride at your own risk" group which emphasizes safe riding in back scenic country roads. The Max means Maxi-Scooter or +200cc machines and CanAms. Our average speed on country roads is 45 mph - but requires Express Way riding to get to Kick Off locations.

We have a planning meeting in March each year and schedule one formal group ride each month and one extended four day ride in late July. The group is very welcoming to newbies. Average age between 40 and 75 - no agenda just welcoming to all,

So hit the Website if you want to be in the loop actively or inactively.

Bob Copeland
Minn-Max Ride Coordinator

Out logo.

Group Photos at the Kick Off of each ride

On the scooter trail of adventure.

Our backroads riding world - Dodging Deer, Wild Turkeys and a occasional Bear.

One of your group riding leaders - guaranteed to occasionally get lost.