First. Bluetooth on the GTS 300 Super Sport is a garbage fire.


So, I think I remember, after pulling out all my hair and teeth and finally getting things connected, that I could not only control the volume of my music and start/stop with the joystick, but I could also advance or rewind tracks on an album... Like, one click to the left would go to the next song... (I've got the GTS connected to an iPhone, and my Cardo Spirit connected to the iPhone as well)

Long story short, I needed to re-pair everything and now I've lost the ability to go forward/backward on an album. I can still do volume and start/stop, but no more fast forward/rewind.

Anyone? I'd love to figure this out. I mean, it's easy enough to reach up to my Cardo and click a button, but it'd be so much easier with the joystick on the handlebars.