I rode Endora (my Piaggio BV400) to my dental appointment in north Seattle yesterday, crossing Puget Sound via ferries. On the ferry from Bremerton to Seattle, she was one of 3 "motorcycles", and always a lovely view of Seattle....

But opted for a northern route to get home, in part to avoid late afternoon Seattle traffic, and took the Edmonds to Kingston ferry, and there were a few more motorcycles this time--at least 30! (Even the normal commuters were shocked by the number!)

Even though I had a longer ride home from Kingston, about 30 miles vs. 1/2 mile from my house to Bremerton ferry terminal, riding from Kingston to Bremerton is very pleasant, and much nicer than dealing with the traffic & road construction on the Seattle side!

Also learned that not only do motorcycles load before cars on all ferries, but at the Edmonds terminal, motorcycles can bypass the regular toll booth for cars, too, and go directly to the dock, avoiding time in traffic lanes--busy days can be more than 2 hour wait! (Some terminals all traffic uses the same toll booths). Another bonus to 2 vs 4 wheels!

Nearing Seattle on the ferry from Bremerton (was with 2 other motorcycles).

Ferry from Edmonds to Kingston--Endora amongst 30 motorcycles--even regular commuters amazed by the number of bikes!