I'm looking for one more Vespa before getting married.. I think I can't get more scooter after it.. lol I think it would be the last Vespa

I do not live in USA that I will arrange all shipping..
But * the scooter should have title on it, *the seller should have Tax ID in USA that is needed to export from USA

I already have many Vespa & Lambretta so I didn't decide what do I buy this time.

What I don't buy here : small frame, P model.
What I like : early 50s Vespa, Vna, Vnb (No VBB etc), Vb1t, Rally180~200, SS180

If you have any Vespa for sale except small frame and P models, please let me know. I have enough budget.

* Frame number should be visible

please send me a message with condition, pictures and the price.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day.