Gooood morning kids! I got my hot little hands on a set of Malossi VR cases with the reed block goodness and was wondering how well will they fit in my Rally frame with a super neato 30mm Dellorto hangin off the top. Tried in Sprint and had serious concerns with it bouncing off of the frame.

On the Sprint I was using the full Malossi reed setup that ya buy and was wondering if the height may be different with the setup they send with cases.

Hell if it's gunna be an issue I'll just slap it a P I have sitting here in my shop.

I'll be tearing it down and doin a mock up here in the future, but just wanted to check with the hive mind to see if anyone had done this setup and had issues or no.

Plus I'm fucking bored in my shop and wanted to chat with youz guys….

Grandpa Nate
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