The Scooter 'Zine, North America's only scooter-centric magazine, Issue #30 is now available. Issue #30 is a big deal because it is the last issue of our 4th year of publication! Yay!

This issue features several rally reports so you can not only bring up memories of the great rides and events of 2023, but you might discover an event you'd like to try in '24. There are reports for:
Scooting the Ozarks
Chaos II and
For A Few CC's More V

There is a great piece about the Tour of Honor, a story about a fellow who does a "Fly & Ride" where he flew from Florida to upstate New York, visited for a bit, bought a scooter and rode it home.. There's a rider spotlight featuring a rider from Orleans, Canda, a story about "Scooter Karma" and, finally, we have our first serialized story where Virginia aka "Wild Cherry" tells her day-to-day Scooter Cannonball experience.

The Scooter 'Zine is available in full-color digital and traditional print formats. It is published bi-monthly and subscriptions are just $20/yr for digital or $25/yr for print. (More if you're outside the US.) Go to to download a sample issue or to subscribe.

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