Hello everyone.

I have a problem with the Yourban 300LT MP3.

Starting the motorcycle or without starting it and with the ignition on. The orange train lock option light flashes normally until about 10 seconds later, when it turns off and the flashing fault light turns on.

It is as if you did a check and after a few seconds you detected some error. If I turn off the motorcycle and turn the ignition on again, the fault or light bulb continues flashing. If I leave it off for a few minutes (a few) when I turn on the ignition again the orange lights up until those 10 seconds have passed. It is as if it erases the error and does not notice it until it has been running for a while.


-The stabilizer works at all times with just one touch, both to lock and unlock. I don't need to double tap to unlock.

-No alarm sounds.

-The presence detector led works well while the orange light is on. If you sit down or get up, turn the light off and on. If I disconnect it, it does require you to double press to remove the lock.

-The speed sensors have both been changed and the wiring for each one is new.

Any ideas?

I have read something about the light box but that was on the model with ASR.

Any help is welcome.

All the best