Must sell for health reasons… I'm sick of looking at 'em!

I just want to get rid of these old parts from a 2012 Stella and from a 1980 P200 so I'm selling them cheap. All prices listed below are PLUS SHIPPING.

Clockwise from Noon
1) Two Piaggio rims with old tires--$50
2) P200 Fairing. No windshield--$45
3) P200 Seat frame--$25
4) Old helmet… no chin strap--$1
5) P200 front fender Red--$45
6) Stella front fender Green--$45
7) Stella cowls Tab would need to be added to fit P200--$55 each
8) Stella glovebox. Dented--$45
9) Stella floor mat--$2
10) Stella taillight--$30
11) Stella chrome rack--$35

I have closeup pics of individual items so email me for more information.
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