Past Wednesday I took my Buddy 125 to Philadelphia Scooters to get a few minor things sorted out. (After a friend had helped me replace a defective handlebar control and mirror mount in my yard, I had forgotten to reconnect the speedo cable and probably damaged it..!)

But the guys at Philadelphia scooters are really okay people! They did an oil change (engine and tranny gear), replaced the damaged cable, reinstalled the headset cover I'd removed, and readjusted the carb to get the engine running smoother. The bike was worked on by their friendly mechanic for several hours, and he gladly showed me how to do some stuff on it too. The bill for this work was extremely fair, and Larry the owner gave me a free Genuine windshield (and half installed it too!) to compensate for some minor but nagging problems I had had with this new scoot!

Getting the Buddy into my '92 shorty minivan was a hoot! The Philadelphia Scooters' guys helped me when I was there, but I loaded it in here at home by myself. First I rode it up my homemade ramp into the side door. The scoot barely fit thru, and I had to slide back onto the seat to keep from decapitating myself on the upper door's edge. Luckily enough I was able to get most of the scoot inside the door and get it's sidestand down before having to completely dismount. Then I crawled around it to get inside the van's door and shut the motor off. A few mighty ~heaves~ inside to move the scoot around, and I was able to lash the thing down to the floor rungs where the removed seats were once attached..!
I also bungeed closed the handbrake levers so the bike was extra secure and wouldn't roll at all. My lady took a look at the thing and couldn't believe that I had gotten it from the garage into the van all alone. Truthfully, I hardly believed it would go so smoothly myself! (To put things in context here, I am 69 years old and not exactly the strongest guy in the world..)

Anyway, I just want to tell other scooterists how pleased I am with the friendliness and service at Philadelphia Scooters. It's a rare pleasure to do business with such friendly, knowledgeable scooter people who care about their customers!

I also enjoy walking around the back streets of South Philly, and find the people there quite friendly! And I also got a great cheesesteak at the famous Gino's! ">}) I can only wish that getting my other vehicles serviced and repaired would be as friendly, as fair, and as pleasant an experience!

Unfortunately Philadelphia Scooters sells and services only new Buddys and Kymcos and other Asian scooters and mopeds. But they do also carry the occasional used Vespa, Vino, and Bajah... 8)