My speedometer and odometer on my GT 200 2005 went out at the same time mid-ride a few weeks ago. I just got the cable in today and changed it with surprisingly little issues.

It was switched from an old style cable (multiple parts connecting the speedometer drive to the cable) to a new style (all parts included on the cable). The old cable was cracked, and there was no wire coming out of the top at all, it was flat with where the wire turns into the plastic base. I originally thought it was broken off inside where it connects but it wasn't.

All was well until I tried to connect it to the speedometer itself. I followed Robot's video on this repair and he suggested filing down just a bit at the top if it wont go in and this worked. Spinning the wheel made the odometer go up, but the speedometer didn't respond.

I thought it was fine because the odometer responded but alas, the scooter is all back together and the odometer is reading as it should on a ride, but the speedometer just lays at 0.

I can't find any info about what to do in this situation as the most common fix is replacing the cable. Any info is appreciated!
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