Has anyone ever opened a throttle body (the side with the electronics)? And did you happen to take a picture of it? I have starting problems and I am very sure these problems are caused inside that ECU. Pin 5 receives 12Volt from the start button, as it should do (2014 type with ABS). And sometimes it starts, but more often it doesn't. And if it doesn't start, I hear a small click inside the ECU, like a tiny relay. But on pin 10 I do not get ground/earth as neccesary to trigger the starter relay. The problem originally occurred when the engine was hot, cooling down was enough to get it starting again. But now I have discovered that a light tap on the side of the ECU solves the problem for a while. So I strongly suspect bad soldering on the ECU print, in the direction of pin 10.

That's why I wanted to see the inside without having to open the thing right away, just to make sure re-soldering is an option.