Welcome to Modern Vespa
Modern Vespa was founded in 2005 and is now the premier Vespa forum in the English-speaking world. More than just a forum, we are a community of people dedicated to sharing our knowledge of scooters and scootering with each other.
New Users
You are welcome here. Register an account, and introduce yourself if you'd like us to say hello. Lurking is okay too, but the forum will be much easier to use if you're logged in. Try to do a search (link at the top of every page) before asking a general question -- chances are, the question has been asked and answered several times already. If you can't find an answer via search, though, don't sweat it -- ask and we'll try to point you in the right direction.
The Rules
Modern Vespa is a privately-owned, moderated forum, staffed solely by volunteers. As such, we reserve the right to remove any post for any reason, though we will generally only do so for posts which violate one or more of these rules.

- Racism, hate speech, politics, religion and personal attacks are prohibited.
- Divisive topics such as abortion, the death penalty, guns, and helmet laws are prohibited.
- Airing of dealer or vendor grievances -- no matter how well intentioned -- is prohibited. Modern Vespa is not the place to resolve disputes with businesses or otherwise publicly identify a business whom you allege has done something wrong.
- Commercial postings and pornography are strictly prohibited.

Any of the above things will get your post unceremoniously removed, at a minimum. It might also earn you a rebuke from the moderators, a temporary timeout or an outright banning, depending on the nature of the offense, how long you've been here, and whether we think you make, on the whole, a positive contribution to the community. New users who offend in their first handful of posts get much less leeway than people who have been around contributing to the community for a long time.

We are striving to preserve a tone of friendly community here. Any user demonstrating the tendency to be disruptive -- even if they haven't committed any of the specific offenses listed above -- will be promptly removed.
General Behavior
Be civil to one another and treat others with respect. Keep it friendly and remember that not everyone shares your particular viewpoint, nor do the standards and mores of your country apply to those in other countries. Modern Vespa is a community of scooter enthusiasts, not a place to bicker or grind your axe. Before posting anything, ask yourself if this is something you would say in person, face to face. If not, you might want to seriously consider your words and whether they really need to be posted.
This forum is definitely not the Piaggio complaints department. If you have a question, we're here to help you find an answer. If you have a problem, we're here to help you solve it. We might even commiserate. If the primary purpose of your visit is just to whinge, however, we're probably not interested.
We hope you enjoy your stay here at Modern Vespa. Now go forth and post!